Hoang Truong


Nov 2004       Ph.D. University of Toronto , Department of Italian Studies, Toronto , ON
Dissertation title: Letteratura e industria: Tommaso Di Ciaula e Vincenzo Guerrazzi
Thesis Supervisor: Professor Rocco Capozzi
1996               MA University of Toronto , Department of Italian Studies
1995               B.Sc. (Biochemistry), University of British Columbia , Vancouver , BC


20th_Century Italian Literature and Culture, Italian Cinema, Trends in Second Language teaching & learning, Ethnicity and foreign language teaching & learning, Teaching & Learning Second Languages with Multimedia


2005-present Lecturer
 University of California in Los Angeles , CA
•  Beginners Italian (ITAL1-3)
•  Intermediate Italian (ITAL 4-6)
•  Italian Literature & Cinema (ITAL 121)
•  Italian reading (1G) for graduate students of other language departments
•  Italian Cultural experience (102C)
Jan-Jun ‘05  Visiting Assistant Professor
  Bowling Green State University , Bowling Green , Ohio
•  Italian for beginners (ITAL102)
•  Second year Italian (ITAL202)
•  Italian cinema (ITAL261)
•  Italian Film: Cultural and Linguistic Issues in Translation (ITAL470)
•  Introduction to International Studies (INST200)
2003  Instructor
           Continuing Education at University College of the Fraser Valley , Abbotsford, B.C. and Continuing Education at Kwantlen College , Langley , B.C.
•  Proposed an introductory Italian language and culture course for 8 weeks
•  Created the curriculum and 64-pages study booklet
•  Conducted lessons for 4-12 students

1999-2002  Assistant of Japanese English Teachers
  Koshigaya City Board of Education, Saitama , Japan
•  Taught English in Elementary Schools, Junior High Schools, and School for nurses
•  Coordinated activities for groups of students ranging from 30 to 120
•  Conducted workshops for Japanese teachers
•  Wrote articles on teaching methodologies, effective activities, and cultural diversity for the Board of Education’s publications “Koshigaya Forum” and Wonderful Box of Communication.

1996–1999  Teaching Assistant
           Department of Italian Studies, University of Toronto , Mississauga , ON
•  Taught beginners and intermediate Italian (ITA100Y & ITA 200Y)



Bergonzi-Truong. Percorso Italiano, Vol. 1.  Tokyo: Istituto di Cultura Italiano, 2001


AA.VV. Made in Italy : The Canadian Way . Translated by Guarnieri, P., Piccolo G., Rende L., Truong H., Wright G. Published by The Italian Chamber of Commerce of Toronto , 2004


•  “Proficiency and Assessment using WIMBA Voice Technology” (article accepted by Italica for Jan 2009)
•  Review of Un viaggio (2nd Edition, 2000).  Italica 78.4 (Winter 2001): 563-564
•  Review of Il forneri.  Italica 77.4 (Winter 2000): 573-574
•  “Familiar Icons in Teaching ESL to Japanese Primary School Students.”  Daily Yomiuri. Japan, Sept 28 2001
•  “Readers’ Forum.”  Daily Yomiuri. Japan, Apr 4 2000


Invited Lectures

•  “Presentation of Third Year ALTs.”  JET 2001 Mid-Year Conference.  Saitama, Japan
•  “Lesson planning” & “Motivating Students.”  2001 Saitama Orientation.  Japan
•  Summer 2000 Workshops for Japanese Teachers of English. Facilitator. Saitama Northern Educational Centre.  Saitama, Japan

Non Invited Lectures  

• “Student centered learning: Theory, Implications and Practices”, Canadian Society of Italian Studies, Vancouver , Canada , May 2008.
•  “Villaggio Operaio Crespi D’Adda: ideal community development or utopia?” American Association of Italian Studies, Colorado May 2007
•  “Web-based Vocal Communication Project-WIMBA” AATI, ACTFL-Nashville, November 2006
•  “Industrialized landscapes: The Lexus and the Olive Tree in Tuta blu, Tommaso blu and Rocco and His Brothers.” Spring Congress of the Social Sciences and Humanities, Canadian Society for Italian Studies (CSIS), University of Western Ontario, London, ON, Canada, May 2005
•  Rocky Mountains Modern Languages Association. Organized and Chaired the Special Topic Session “Millennium Look at Italian Studies” at the 2001 RMMLA Conference in Vancouver , B.C.
•  “L’immagine dell’operaio in alcune opere letterarie e pittoriche di Vincenzo Guerrazzi.”  Spring Congress of the Social Sciences and Humanities, Canadian Society for Italian Studies (CSIS), University of Sherbrooke , Quebec , Canada , June 1999
•  “Il linguaggio di Tommaso Di Ciaula nel contesto di letteratura e industria.”  Spring Congress of the Social Sciences and Humanities, CSIS, University of Ottawa , May 1998.


Jun 2008  The UC Consortium Summer Workshop on Cognitive Grammar, UC Davis, CA
Feb 2008  Workshop on Teaching with Technology, UCLA. Organizer.
  In collaboration with Houghton-Mifflin

Oct 2007  Aspen Technology Symposium, Aspen , Colorado
June 2007  The UC Consortium Summer Workshop on Enhancing Foreign Language Instruction through Technology, UC Santa Cruz , CA
July 2006  University for Foreigners in Perugia , Italy
  Attended a summer course for instructors of Italian language and culture.
Feb 2005  Bowling Green State University, Ohio
“Foreign Languages: Teaching with Technology” Workshop
Received hands-on experience in the use of technology in teaching a foreign language. Created web and CD ROM based activities


2005-9  Professional Development Award, Office of Diversity, UCLA
  Received funding to study in Italy (summer 2006), to deliver a paper at ACFTL in Nashville (November 2006), at AAIS in Colorado (May 2007), at CSIS in Vancouver (May 2008), and at AAIS in New York this coming May of 2009.
2007-08  Office of Instructional Development Research grant ($9,772), UCLA, Los Angeles
  “Wimba as a tool for technology mediated assessment & in-class communication and participation”.
  Various mini grants to improve instructions and activities that sustain students’ interest for Italian.
2006-07  Office of Instructional Development Research grant ($5,211), UCLA
   “Wimba as a motivating tool for improving in-class communication and participation of Asian students”
2006-07  Office of Instructional Development Mini-Grant for purchasing media
    ($ 398.02), UCLA

2005 Speed Grant for Faculty Development, Bowling Green State University, OH


Italian: near-native fluency in speaking, writing and reading
Vietnamese: native fluency in speaking
French, Japanese and Latin: basic knowledge


Massimo Ciavolella
Department of Italian, UCLA
212 Royce Hall
Los Angeles , CA , 90095
Phone: (310) 825-1940
Email: ciavolel@humnet.ucla.edu
Elissa Tognozzi, Undergraduate Advisor
Department of Italian, UCLA
212 Royce Hall
Los Angeles , CA , 90095
Phone: 310-794-8910
Email: Tognozzi@humnet.ucla.edu
Rocco Capozzi
Department of Italian Studies, University of Toronto?Carr Hall, Second Floor, Room 204,?100 St. Joseph Street, Toronto, Ontario M5S 1J4
Email: r.capozzi@utoronto.ca