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Professor Lucia Re earned her B.A. in English at Smith College and her laurea in Languages and Literatures at the University of Rome. She received her Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from Yale University. She studied Spanish and Latin-American literature at the University of Puerto Rico. Her translation into Italian of Borges: A Literary Biography by Emìr Rodriguez Monegal received the 1982 Comisso Prize. Professor Re's book Calvino and the Age of Neorealism: Fables of Estrangement (Stanford 1990) was awarded the MLA Marraro prize for the best book in Italian studies in 1990-92. She has received a National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship and a Getty Senior Research Grant. Professor Re specializes in 19th and 20th-century Italian literature and culture, with emphasis on the fin-de-siècle, modernism and the avant-garde, silent and neorealist cinema, and the cultural history of Italy under fascism and during the Reconstruction. Her current research and scholarly interests include the relationship between futurism, fascism, colonialism and feminism, gender and race issues in 19th-century and 20th century Italian literature and art, and comparative theories of modernism, race and gender with an emphasis on women writers, the modern Mediterranean, and contemporary Italian feminist thought. She is completing book projects on women and the avant-garde and on Italian modernism and Africa. Her essays on the experimental poet Amelia Rosselli (1930-1996) include “Amelia Rosselli and the Aesthetics of Experimental Music,” in Galleria (January-August 1997) and “Poetry and Madness,” in Shearsmen of Sorts: Italian Poetry 1975-1993 (1993). Her translation into English (with Paul Vangelisti) of Amelia Rosselli's first book of poems, Variazioni Belliche (War Variations) was published in a bilingual edition with her critical introduction and notes (Green Integer 2005). For their work on War Variations, Lucia Re and Paul Vangelisti were awarded the 2006 Flaiano prize for literary translation, and the 2006 PEN USA translation prize. Professor Re’s publications in comparative studies, cultural studies and film studies include “The Salon and Literary Modernism: Proust, Wilde, Stein” in Jewish Women and Their Salons. The Power of Conversation (Yale University Press, 2005); “Women and Censorship in Fascist Italy: from Mura to Masino,” in Culture, Censorship and the State in Twentieth-Century Italy (Oxford: Legenda, 2005); “Painting, Politics and Eroticism in Fausta Cialente’s Egyptian narratives,” in Symbolism.  An International Annual of Critical Aesthetics (2008); “Futurism, Film, and the Return of the Repressed: Learning from Thaïs,” MLN Italian Issue 123, 1 (2008); “‘L’Art du silence’: Eleonora Duse e il cinema muto” in Voci e anime, corpi e scritture (Roma: Bulzoni, 2009). The volume Il cibo e le donne nella cultura e nella storia: prospettive interdisciplinari, co-edited and with a critical introduction coauthored with Giuseppina Muzzarelli (University of Bologna) was published in 2005 (Bologna: CLUEB). The volume is a collection of interdisciplinary essays on women and food in Western culture, literature and art from the Middle Ages to today, and includes Prof. Re’s “Fame, cibo e antifascismo nella Massaia di Paola Masino.” Professor Re is among the founding editors and authors of the new interdisciplinary electronic journal California Italian Studies, of which she co-edited the first volume and the theme issue on “Italy in the Mediterranean” (2010), which includes more than fifty articles and essays:

Selected Publications

"Melina morde la mela: il linguaggio affamato di Amelia Rosselli"

"Italians and the Invention of Race. The Poetics and Politics of Race in the Struggle over Libya, 1890-1913." California Italian Studies Journal 1.1. (2010)

"Italy in the Mediterranean Today: A New Critical Topography." California Italian Studies Journal 1.1 (2010)

Graduate Seminar, Winter 2013. From left to right: Sarah Tanberg, Andy Newton, Kelly Roso, Nicole Robinson, Lucia Re, Leo Proietti, Renata Redford, Andrew Hiltzick, Nathanial Peterson-More, Monica Streifer.