William M. (Gianpiero W.) Doebler received his Ph.D. in Italian from UCLA in 2010. His dissertation, titled "Ciascun saria di color vinto: The Philology and Philosophy of Terms for Color and Light in Occitan and Italian Poetry from the Troubadours through Petrarch," was directed by Professor Luigi Ballerini. Previously, Dr. Doebler earned two masters degrees from UCLA, in Urban Planning and Italian, and a B.A. in Linguistics from UC Berkeley. 

In 2012, University of California Press published A Feast of Weeds: A Literary Guide to Foraging and Cooking Wild Edible Plants, Dr. Doebler's translation of Luigi Ballerini's , Erbe da mangiare. In 2008, his translation of poet Maurizio Cucchi's 1975 collection, Il disperso, was published by Agincourt Press as The Missing. He is currently translating philosopher Remo Bodei's work, Geometria delle passioni, for publication in 2014. Other translations have appeared in the Journal of Italian Translation, and his translations of poems and analytical commentary will be published in a forthcoming anthology of contemporary Italian verse.

During the 2012-2013 academic year, Dr. Doebler has taught courses on the Italian novella from the thirteenth to the seventeenth centuries (Italian 140) and on the Italian Cultural Experience prior to the Renaissance (Italian 102A). As a graduate student, he taught many Italian language courses and was a teaching assistant or associate for courses on Italian medieval and Renaissance history, Italian literature from Galileo through Pirandello, the literary history of Italian gastronomy, Italian cinema, and an Honors Collegium course: "Language, Meaning, and the Making of Poetry."

Dr. Doebler's research interests include the role of color in Italian poetry and prose through the Renaissance, the literature of Italian gastronomy, translation, and contemporary Italian urban planning issues.