Although sporadic translations of Italian authors have been published in English, an organized collection of Italian texts integral to contemporary discourse in Anglo-American culture has still not been established. Our role is to make available to readers of English a series of one hundred works by Italian authors who have made significant literary, philosophical or historical contributions.

 I Works by authors already recognized in Anglo-American culture but currently unavailable in English (Aretino, Bruno, Machiavelli, Pirandello and Verga).
 II Authors whose works contribute to an innovative dialogue between Anglo-American and Italian culture (Aretino, Florio, Leone Ebreo, Leopardi, Nievo, Platina, and Serao).
 III Works which remain largely unknown in English (Andreini, Artusi, Beccaria, Galliani, Goldoni).
 IV Works by Italian humanists that have influenced Anglo-American letters (Alberti, Petrarch, Piccolomini, and Della Porta).
 V Works by Italian theorists and essayists that form an integral part of international discourse (Bobbio, Bodei, Cafiero, Cattaneo, Croce, Gobetti and Salvemini).
 VI A sub-series of works by non-Italian authors which have been instrumental in affecting the image of Italy in the world, but that are currently unavailable in English (Douglas, Heine, Montesquieu, de Sade, Stendhal, and Twain).