Thomas Harrison, Ph.D
Director of Graduate Studies
Office: 350 Royce
Phone: 794-8912 
Email: harrison@humnet.ucla.edu 
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John Agnew, Ph.D.
(Geography and Italian)
Office: 1255 Bunche Hall
Phone: 825-1713
Email: jagnew@geog.ucla.edu
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Massimo Ciavolella, Ph.D
Graduate Academic Advisor
(Italian and Comparative Literature)
Office: 340B Royce
Phone: 825-5943
Email: ciavolel@humnet.ucla.edu
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Thomas Harrison, Ph.D.
Office: 350 Royce
Phone: 794-8912
Email: harrison@humnet.ucla.edu
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Andrea Moudarres, Ph.D.
Office: 340C Royce
Phone: 794-8906
Email: moudarres@ucla.edu
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Lucia Re, Ph.D., Dottore in Lettere
Director of Undergraduate Studies
(Italian and Gender Studies)
Office: 354 Royce
Phone: 794-8907
Email: re@humnet.ucla.edu
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Peter Stacey, Ph.D.
(History and Italian)
Office: 5373 Bunche Hall
Phone: 825-1567
Email: pstacey@history.ucla.edu

Stefania Tutino, Ph.D.
(History and Italian)
Office: 7389 Bunche Hall
Phone: 825-8909
Email:  tutino@history.ucla.edu
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Michael J.B. Allen, Ph.D., D.Litt.
Email: mjballen@humnet.ucla.edu
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Luigi Ballerini, Dottore in Lettere
Office: 340E Royce
Phone: 794-8514
Email: ballerin@humnet.ucla.edu
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Franco Betti, Ph.D.

Marga Cottino-Jones, Ph.D., Dottore in Lettere

Edward F. Tuttle, Ph.D.
Office: 340G Royce
Phone: 794-8908
Email: tuttle@ucla.edu
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Elissa Tognozzi, Ph.D.
Office: 340A Royce
Phone: 794-8910
Email: tognozzi@humnet.ucla.edu
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Valeria Finucci, Ph.D.
Speroni Chair
Phone: 825-1940
Email: vfinucci@duke.edu

Daniel Stein-Kokin, Ph.D.
Viterbi Chair
Phone: 825-1940
Email: dsteinkokin@ad.ucla.edu


Claire Lavagnino, Ph.D.
Office: 340C Royce
Phone: 206-1351
Email: claire.lavagnino@gmail.com

Ornella Spano, Ph.D.
Office: 340E Royce
Phone: 794-8514
Email: spano@humnet.ucla.edu

Hoang Truong, Ph.D.
Office: 340D Royce
Phone: 794-8913
Email: truong@humnet.ucla.edu
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Faculty from other campuses who have served or are serving as additional members of graduate students' doctoral committees

Clorinda Donato, Ph.D., Professor of French and Italian, Cal State Long Beach
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Claudio Fogu, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Italian Studies, UCSB
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Janet Smarr, Ph.D., Professor of Theater, UCSD
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Jon R. Snyder, Ph.D., Professor of Italian Studies, UCSB
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